Tokyo Craft - Title Cards (2017)

Four sets of illustrations were commissioned by Poweredby.Tokyo for Tokyo Craft, a four-part movie series about contemporary craftsmen, made in collaboration with culture and lifestyle publication, PEN Magazine.

The objective of each illustration was simple; the drawings had to be consistent while accurately representing each craftsmen. Apart from that, free reign was given and various concepts were created before two were chosen as a pair.

Tokyo Craft I: Bespoke Bike

Shinichi Konno’s progressive and eccentric designs have established the Cherubim brand as the gold standard in handmade steel bike frames. 

Tokyo Craft II: Master of Glass

With a strong cult following in the US, Koji Yamami is renowned for his seamless marriage of traditional Japanese craft and modern kaleidoscope art.

Tokyo Craft III: Urban Glow

For Hidenobu Takahashi, neon is more than just a job or a signboard; it's a culture and a lifestyle.

Tokyo Craft IV: Blue Romance

Indigo master Noriyuki Murata’s stained blue hands show unwavering passion and dedication to a craft that many worry is danger of disappearing.

Client: Poweredby.Tokyo & PEN Magazine

Services: Conceptualization, Design Direction, Illustration, Typography

Mediums: Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Sakura Gelly Roll

Prints: Currently unavailable

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