Phlesh - The Decomposing (2015)

Hailing from Western Canada, the extreme metal project Phlesh crafts epic, melodic compositions comprised of wrath and unforgiving brutality blended with softer moments of beautiful reflection and tired hopelessness.

For Phlesh’s debut album, The Decomposing, a band logo was designed to reflect the composer’s feelings of evil and damnation, thus the easily-identifiable symbols of demonic tails and pitchforks were incorporated. Additionally, a second logo was required for the new independent record label Suicidal Black Arts. The name and its grisly implications were balanced out with a very sleek, minimalist logo.

As the album’s lyrical themes involve addiction, depression, hatred and suicide, the front cover features a collage of deceased things, all of them beautiful in life, but sad and empty in death. Furthermore, the interior traycard is decorated with a winged serpent, which represents the evils of addiction.

Though the album has been fully completed since 2014, it remains unreleased.

Client: Phlesh & Suicidal Black Art Productions 

Services: Design Direction, Branding, Illustration, Typography, Layout, Packaging

Mediums: Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Sakura Gelly Roll, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, Adobe Lightroom 4

Prints: Currently unavailable

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