Photograph by Nothing(but)Photos

Working in a range of mediums from meticulous hand-rendered illustrations to sleek digital compositions, and from colourful landscapes to brooding street photography, Jeremy Hannigan is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Vancouver, Canada.

He seeks to instill haunting, dream-like images within his viewers through combining various styles and techniques, inspired by classics and contemporaries such as Gustave Doré, Francisco Goya, Saeki Toshio, Vania Zouravliov, Glyn Smyth, Itō Junji and many more.

Though he currently resides in Tokyo, Jeremy welcomes clients and collaborators from all around the world.

Regarding the content of his personal works, he uses images of history, religion and ‘bizarre’ niche cultures as a means of expressing themes including, but not limited to: anxiety, sexuality, nihilism, spirituality and the lack-thereof.

Jeremy aims to work with clients and collaborators who value well-considered visual aesthetics and those who see art and design as an integral part of their business and/or lives.



Illustration, Book & Publication Design, Typography, Poster & Flyer Design, Print Design, Product Photography, Documentary Photography, Logo & Identity, Stationery, Brochure Design, Copywriting, Editing, Design Consultation, Design Collaboration




Krieghallen Exhibition, 2014
(106: Scene de musiques actuelles)

FA&TUR Art Show, 2014
(Innocent Coffee & the Upper Room)

Murmures d'Outre, 2014
(Meltdown Comics)



If you're interested in talking about a project, collaboration, or if youd just like to say "hi," please get in touch with the following contact info.