Funeral Circle - Funeral Circle (2013)

Heavy metal albums are not exactly known for their breathtaking covers or stylish layouts. Regardless, Funeral Circle’s debut gatefold LP was designed with meticulous attention to detail, so as to add some class to an already well-crafted doom album.

An elegantly drawn title and frame complement the fantastic cover art painted by Martin Hanford. Furthermore, the rest of the layout is decorated with digitally-rendered borders and typographic ornamentation based on the classic leatherbound books found in any wizard’s study.

Finally, four illustrations accompany the lyrics on the album’s insert; the images rendered in a simplistic style befitting the clean, duotone layout and moderately reflective gold pantone ink.

Client: Funeral Circle, Shadow Kingdom Records & Hell's Headbanger Records

Services: Design Direction, Branding, Illustration, Typography, Layout, Packaging

Mediums: Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

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