After Season 9 (2016)

As is often the case, the urge to draw tiny lines became stronger and stronger, and simple cartooning gave way to almost-hypnotic detailing, until finally, what started as a simple practice doodle ended up as a far-too-detailed tribute to one of the greatest animated TV shows ever (at least up until season 8 or 9.)

The sorrowful facial expression says it all: disappointment and nostalgia, and a longing for the golden years which have long-since passed.

Similarly, the hanging picture shows a boat sinking under dark skies, while the dirty walls indicate that something has degraded over time without any upkeep or reparation.

Those interested in prints or licensing and distribution are welcome to contact

Mediums: Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Sakura Gelly Roll

Dimensions: A4 (21x29.7 cm)

Prints: Currently unavailable

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